Camera Warranty

All Heat Spy a50 and z50 Inspector Models sold after July 16, 2012 are protected by our SPY-CARE No-Fault Warranty.

Warranty & Calibration Registration

Registration is fast and easy.  Visit to have your product automatically registered for Warranty Protection and our Calibration Reminder service.  Let Palmer Wahl help you protect your investment and maintain your product accuracy and compliance with ISO and other quality standards.

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Warnings, Cautions, and Notes


IMPORTANT INFORMATION.  Read before using your instrument.

WARNING: Laser Radiation is emitted from this device.  This device features a Class 2 Laser, 635 nm, 0.9 mW.  Do NOT Stare into the Laser Beam.

CAUTION: Never point the lens directly toward a strong radiation source (for example, the sun, whether directly or reflected, or a laser beam) with power on or off, as permanent damage to the internal thermal detector may result.

CAUTION: The original shipping carton should be kept to use for future transportation.  Do not drop, shake, or impact the thermal imager excessively, whether in use or during transportation.

CAUTION: Store the unit in its original case in a cool, dry, well ventilated area away from strong electromagnetic fields.

CAUTION: Protect the surface of the lens from being stained or damaged by foreign objects such as sludge or chemicals.  Please replace the lens cap after use.

CAUTION: It is advisable to back up important images to an external device regularly to avoid losing important data.

NOTE: For maximum measurement accuracy, allow 3 to 5 minutes for the camera to stabilize after initial power up.

NOTE: Each camera is factory calibrated.  It is recommended that calibration be performed every 12 months.

CAUTION: Do not open camera housing.  The unit does not contain any user serviceable parts.  Repair should only be performed by factory authorized technicians.

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