Applications – Where are they used?

Preventive Maintenance

  • Power Industry.  Transmission power line and power facility sub-station connections, transformer loads and heat status, general thermal state checking. Problem detection and defect diagnosis. Verify corrective action results.
  • Industry Electrical systems.  Identify potential circuit overloads, poor connections, and potentially dangerous points of failure.
  • Mechanical systems.  Detect motor bearing overloads, improper shaft alignment, lubrication problems, etc.  Reduce downtime and avoid potentially catastrophic failures.  Find thin firebrick in boilers, ovens, and kiln walls plus molten steel ladles to prevent burn through.

Construction Science

  • Roof.  Quick identification of water penetration problems which can lead to structural problems.
  • Structure integrity.  Commercial and residential energy audits by detection of both conductive and convective energy losses.
  • Moisture detection.  Determine the root cause of moisture intrusion that leads to mold and mildew problems.
  • Pest infestations.  Animals nest inside of walls, while cold-blooded insects generate heat for the hatching of eggs inside walls.
  • Verification.  Check to see if corrective actions are sufficient.


  • Iron and Steel Industries.  Inspect some aspects of steel refining and rolling processes.  Diagnose hot blast stove wall insulation defects.
  • Firefighting.  Checking a wall to determine if there is a fire behind it before opening a door to go in.  Scanning walls looking for smoldering hidden electrical fires.  Finding overheating fluorescent light ballasts.  Detecting “hot spots” after a fire is extinguished to prevent flare ups.  Embryonic forest fire detection and detection of latent ignition sources.  Preventative detection of on specific materials and hot spots that are sources of auto-ignition. Detection of potential spark ignition sources.  Search and rescue missions.
  • Medical.  General scanning of human and animal patients to determine circulatory problems.  Detect potential sprained or pulled muscles or joints. Find potential back injuries, hand and foot problems, under skin tumors. Limited usage in breast scans.
  • Petro-chemicals.  Oil pipeline status inspection.  Material surface temperature detection.  Under insulation leak detection.  Insulation integrity detection.  Power equipment status.

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