Getting Started – con’t

Cancel / Clear Button

z50 - Cancel/Clear button

The “C” Cancel / Clear button has four main functions.

  1. When in Menu mode, it becomes a Back button.  Pressing and releasing will cancel the current operation.
  2. When an image is Frozen on the screen for examination, pressing and releasing the Cancel/Clear button will return the imager to a live image view.
  3. When a Measurement function is selected and highlighted in yellow, pressing and releasing this button will remove the function.
  4. If no other options are selected, pressing the Cancel/Clear button will toggle the screen between the Thermal and  CCD visible light cameras.

Freeze / Save Button

The “S” Freeze / Save button has only one function.  It is used to freeze an image on the screen to allow the user to determine if it is to be saved to the SD Card or deleted in order to take a better picture.

z50 - Freeze Button

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