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 Resolution Comparison

These images compare the resolution of the Wahl z50 Heat Spy Inspector to an imager with a lesser resolution.  The Wahl z50 Heat Spy Inspector has a resolution of 160 x 120.

z50 Resolution Comparison #1z50 - Image Comparison #2 z50 - Image Comparison #3

Digital Zoom

In Image mode where no menu is showing, pressing the Up or Down Navigation Buttons will activate the 2x Digital Zoon.  Pressing either button again will return the screen display to the normal 1x view.

z50 - 2x Digital Zoom

z50 - 2x Zoom Example

These images show cups filled with hot and cold water at the end of a long table. The left image shows the standard 1x view, while the right image shows the same cups in 2x view.

The first press of the Menu button brings up the Main Menu.  In Menu mode, the Up and Down navigation buttons allow selection of one of the four Menu categories. Pressing Menu opens the selected category. Right and Left navigation buttons select options in each category, or move to a sub-menu.  To make a selection, press Menu to Confirm.

z50 - Menu ButtonIn Menu mode (Menu showing), with Measurement selected, pressing the Right navigation button will allow you to select from several Measurement functions. Pressing Menu adds the selected function, such as “Add Spot” – as shown in the below image.

z50 - Add Spot function

Generally, the first spot with default to the center of the screen, which is also the aiming point for the laser pointer.

Spot Mode

In Spot Mode, after using the Menu button to select Measurement > Add Spot, pressing either the Menu button immediately after Spot selection or pushing the A button to highlight the Spot in yellow will allow you to move the spot on the screen, using the four navigation buttons. Pressing the Menu button again will open the Attribute dialog box, allowing modification of the Spot parameters using the navigation buttons.

z50 - Spot Mode

Trigger Selection Options

z50 - Trigger

 The first press of the Menu button opens the Main Menu.  In Menu mode, use the Down navigation button to select Setup. This will open the the System Setup sub-menu.  Use the Down navigation button to select Trigger. Use the Right or Left navigation buttons to select the desired option. Press Menu to confirm your selection.

z50 - Trigger Selection MenusUsing the Right or Left navigation buttons, the Trigger control selection can be changed between the following options:

  • Laser
  • Toggle between Thermal and CCD Camera screens
  • Image Freeze Save Key
  • Spot Temperature (adds or removes Spot cursor)
  • Area Temp (adds or removes Area)

The most common selections are Laser and Camera toggle.

z50 - Trigger Function Options

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