Getting Started

Powering Up the Imager

Picture6The Red button on the rear of the camera is the Power On / Off button.

Power On: Hold red button down for 3 seconds.  The imager will engage an approximately 50 second Self-Check cycle.

Power Off: Hold red button down for 3 seconds.  The imager will will power off.  Wait at least 10 seconds after powering off before powering On again.

Attribute – Select / Calibrate Button

Picture7Attribute Select: Pressing this button repeatedly in sequence will step through each active function.  The function can be modified, moved, or deleted while highlighted in yellow.


Measurement Cursors: Attribute select – Pressing the Attribute / Selection button in sequence will allow you to step through each active function, which – while highlighted in yellow – can be moved to any location using the Four calibration buttons.

z50 - Attribute / Select Calibrate button

Pressing the “C” Clear / Cancel button while a specific function is highlighted will delete that individual function.


Measurement Cursors

z50 - Rear Interface

After pressing the “A” Attribute button repeatedly, in sequence, you can reach your selected function.  Press the menu button to open the Attribute box to set the function parameters.

z50 - Measurement Cursors

Color Palette

Attribute Select: After pressing this button repeatedly, in sequence, until the color temperature bar is outlined in yellow.  The outline stays active for 3 seconds, so selection must begin within that time period.  Using the left and right navigation buttons to select the color or black & white color palette of choice.  The new palette will remain as the default palette until changed.

z50 - Color Palette Selection Screen

Level & Span Values

Press the Attribute Select button until the temperature numbers at the end of each color bar are highlighted in yellow.  Use the Left Navigation button to bring the two numbers closer together.  Use the Right Navigation button to spread the two temperatures farther apart.  Doing this in Auto Range mode will switch the imager to Manual range (L/S).  Press the Menu button to confirm.

z50 - Level & Span Screen

Calibrate Button

Holding down the Attribute Select button for 5 seconds will force an internal calibration, also called an array refresh, cycle to occur.  This is wise to do before freezing an important image for examination.

z50 - Imager Screen during internal calibration (array refresh)

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