Standard Accessories

  • Lockable, Waterproof, Foam-Lined Carrying Case
  • Video Output Cable, Part Number: 12449-15
  • Lithium Ion Batteries, Quantity: 2.  Part Number: 12449-07
  • Lithium Battery Charger, Part Number: 12449-03
  • Lens Cap, Part Number: 12449-16
  • Wrist Strap
  • User Manual on CD
  • Infrared Report & Analysis Software System on CD
  • SD Card, Part Number: 12449-13
  • SD Card Reader with USB Connector, Part Number: 12449-14

The imager is shipped inside a resealable plastic bag, inside the imager carrying case. This bag should be saved to protect the imager from dust. The bag can also be used for protecting the imager while in use in rainy or very dirty conditions.  The imager will see through the plastic bag.


Optional Accessories


  • High Temperature Range Option 212°F – 1112°F (100°C – 600°C), Part Number 12449-09
  • Wide Angle Lens, 0.5x, Part Number: 12449-10
  • Telephoto Lens, 2x, Part Number: 12449-11


  • AC Power Supply with Internal Battery Charger and Worldwide Plug Adapter Kit.  Includes PowerPort/Cigarette Lighter Automobile Battery Charger, Part Number: 12449-02
  • Tripod Extension, Part Number: 12449-08

Model Identification

Model Number Designators

  • “a” – Indicates that the imager has a 9Hz frame rate.  9Hz models do not require an export license when sold outside of the USA.
  • “z” – Indicates that the imager has a 30Hz frame rate.  30Hz models are available for sale within the USA and to select international markets.  An export license may be required for exporting 30Hz cameras to certain countries.
  • 50 Series – Full function “Inspector” model

System Information

All 50 Series Heat Spy Inspectors use an uncooled infrared focal plane array and display the thermal image as a multi-color image with user selectable image palettes, measurement points, and range and span levels.

 50 Series Heat Spy Inspectors include the following features:

  • Auto or Manual Level and Span Control
  • °C, °F, or K measurement selections
  • Nine color and two black & white (greyscale) color palettes
  • Eleven languages
  • Hot-Seeking, Cold-Seeking, and two moveable spot measurements
  • Horizontal & vertical line target profile measurements
  • Three moveable and sizeable area measurement blocks with Max, Min, or Average temperature indication
  • High temperature alarm setting with visual and audible warnings
  • T Reflect – reflected temperature compensation adjustment
  • T Correct – measurement cursor offset correction
  • Freeze screen for viewing current images
  • Selectable video outputs – NTSC or PAL
  • Thermal Image storage on included SD card
  • CMOS Visible Image (CCD) camera image stored on SD card
  • Selectable audio notation recording with each image
  • 2x digital zoom
  • Built-in emissivity table with a list of common materials

50 Series Inspectors are field upgradeable to add optional High Temperature range. 50 Series Inspectors are factory upgradeable to add Wide Angle or Telephoto lenses.

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