50 Series Operation

Laser Output

The Wahl Heat Spy z50 Inspector uses a Class II Laser.  The laser is aligned within 2 cm at a 2 meter distance (3/4″ at 6.5 ft.).  The laser is activated by the programmable trigger switch.  The center crosshair on the screen is the Laser target point.

z50 - Laser Selection

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Physical Features

  •  Visible Light (CCD) Camera.

    The CCD Camera is selected with the “C” key, or the Trigger.  The Double Vision IR Thermal Image and Visible Light CCD Pictures will be stored automatically when the “Link Save” option is on.

z50 - CCD Visible Light Camera

z50 - CCD Selection

z50 - Screen Toggle

The left side of this image shows the Thermal Image of a Hot Iron, while the right image is the visible light (CCD) view.

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Optional Physical Features

Lens Installation

0.5x Wide Angle and 2x Telephoto Lenses are available for the Wahl Heat Spy z50 Inspector.  These lenses mount using a one-quarter turn bayonet mount that installs into the standard lens.  The imager must be calibrated at the factory for accuracy using each lens.  Every lens is slightly different due to very small variances in the coatings.

WIde Angle and Telephoto Lenses

Left: Wide Angle, 0.5x Lens. Right: 2x Telephoto Lens

When changing between lenses, choose “Lens & Correct Selection” from the imager menu with “On-Screen Designators” for correct temperature measurement.

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