August 10, 2012

Wahl Instruments debuts SPY-CARE No Fault Thermal Imaging Warranty

Asheville, NC – August 10, 2012Wahl Instruments, Inc. announces the introduction of a new warranty program covering its Inspector series Thermal Imaging Cameras.  Starting immediately, the sale of each Wahl Heat Spy Inspector Series Thermal Imaging Camera includes the Industry First two-year NO FAULT warranty coverage, called SPY-CARE.  This unique and innovative warranty offering covers any unintentional damage or breakage to a Wahl Inspector Series thermal imager within two years of the original purchase date – no matter the cause.  If you drop it from a 20ft. ladder, if it falls into a swimming pool, or if you back over it with a truck – any unintentional damage Wahl will fix or replace your camera for FREE.  Return your Heat Spy Inspector to Wahl Instruments for unlimited repair, and up to one replacement imager – if your camera is irreparable – at any time during the two year warranty period.  Another first from Wahl, SPY-CARE protection is the strongest thermal imaging warranty available, and is offered worldwide. Wahl Heat Spy Thermal Imaging cameras are offered by Wahl Instruments, Inc. domestic and international distribution network.


October 12, 2011

Wahl Instruments, Inc. Announces New Line of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Asheville, NC –October 12, 2011Wahl Instruments, Inc. is proud to announce its new generation of Wahl Heat Spy high speed 30 hertz*, 160×120 pixels, Thermal Imaging Cameras.  The Heat Spy is available in two series with 16 different configurations to suit a variety of applications. The z30 series “Detector” is designed for on the spot maintenance inspections and repair. The z50 series “Inspector” is designed for users required to document and prepare reports with ease, including thermal and digital images.

The Wahl Heat Spy is the World’s First Upgradeable Thermal Imager! One Heat Spy gives you the opportunity to configure up to 15 different models after the purchase of the camera. No need to buy multiple units for different applications. Upgrade in the field from a Detector (z30) to an Inspector (z50) after your purchase to expand the functionality of your camera.  Upgrade in the field to extend the temperature range. Upgrade your Heat Spy with Wide Angle and/or Telescopic Lenses.  Prolong the life of your investment by adding features when you need them.

The z30 Detector model features 11 languages, 4 color palettes, °C, °F or K measurement scales, Hot Cold seeking and two fixed spot measurements, and freeze frame for viewing the current image. The z30 models quickly detect problem areas, and are ideal to search, find, and fix applications.

The z50 Inspector models feature all the functions of the z30, with an additional 7 color palettes (total of 11), built in emissivity table for easy look up, measurement offset correction, digital camera  and image storage via SD card included.  The digital camera included on the z50 Inspector series Heat Spy takes a digital image simultaneously with the thermal image.  Wahl’s Double Vision feature allows the user to place the corresponding images adjacent in a report.  Side-by-side comparison or picture in a picture, it’s easy to pinpoint trouble spots. The z50 Inspector includes voice annotation up to 45 seconds per image; record your notes and observations in the field for transcription to your final report. Programmable auto save to SD card in JPEG file format plus temperature data. The measurement mode includes lines, areas and Isotherms with visible alarms.

All models have 2x digital zoom, 3.5” high resolution display, laser aiming, audible and visible alarms, video output, spots, delta T, auto ranging, manual level and span, adjustable display brightness. All pixels are individually calibrated and Heat Spy quickly acclimates to ambient temperature changes.

Add Wahl’s Extended Warranty Plan and/or Damage Protection Plan to keep your Heat Spy running at peak condition.  Featuring a 48 Hour Money-Back Guarantee, try the Heat Spy – you’ll like it – Guaranteed! Heat Spy is available through Wahl Instruments, Inc. and its International Distribution network.

*30 Hertz models available within USA only.  9Hz models available outside USA.


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