Upgrade your 50 Series Heat Spy at any time

Wahl Heat Spy is unique – the first upgradeable camera on the market.  Using our proprietary technology,  most upgrades are by an SD card sent to the user, allowing the unit to be upgraded in the field.

Field upgrades

Field upgrades are by SD card.  Upgrade may be used for one camera serial number.

  • Upgrade any model to High Temperature Range of 212° to 1112°F (100° to 600°C)

Factory upgrades

Upgrades requiring instrument calibration are performed at our Factory.  Contact sales to request an RMA number when ordering a factory upgrade option.

  • Add a Wide Angle lens.  .5 Magnification allows for a 35° x 26° Field Of View

  • Add a Telephoto lens. 2 X Magnification allows for a 8.75° x 6.5° Field Of View

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