Wahl Instruments, Inc. is offering a number of unique opportunities with our new Heat Spy Imager.

In addition to Spy Care, the industry’s first two year no fault warranty, we offer a number of other options to make selecting and using your Heat Spy Imager as easy and worry-free as possible.

Our Inspector Series Imagers feature not only Spy Care, but also FREE Lifetime Recalibration & Firmware Updates – A $250 Value for each recalibration.  What if your Inspector series Heat Spy is in for service, but you need to use it?  Our Emergency Replacement Service for Inspector Series customers has got you covered.

If you’re interested in taking the Heat Spy for  a test drive, find a distributor near you for a demonstration.

Heat Spy is a no-risk investment with our 48 Hour Money-Back GuaranteeZero Percent Payment Plans are available to qualifying customers, to fit your budget.

Take advantage of our new FREE Thermography Training program, offered at our Asheville, NC, USA facility on a regular basis.  Learn to harness the power of thermal imaging and put it to use – no matter what brand of Imager you own.

Protect your investment with a Lifetime Warranty at time of purchase.

We believe Thermal Imaging is a powerful and useful tool in the hands of many different types of users.  If you’ve got a hand-held infrared thermometer, consider upgrading to a Detector series Heat Spy.

Learn more about our other products at

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