Lifetime Recalibration and Firmware Updates

Included with Purchase

Free annual calibrations are now included with the purchase of Heat Spy Inspector Series thermal imaging cameras –  a $250 value. Return your Imager to Wahl annually for free recalibration and firmware updates for the life of your Heat Spy.  Maintain the calibration of your instrument to ensure you’re getting consistent, quality temperature readings at all times.  Wahl offers free calibrations with quick turnaround times to minimize any interruption to your business, while allowing you to maintain the measurement integrity required for ISO certification. Heat Spy units are calibrated at our Asheville, NC factory using NIST Traceable equipment.  These standard calibrations are offered to customers FREE – a $250 value each year.  NIST certified calibrations are also available. Heat Spy firmware updates are included with all calibrations, to ensure your Heat Spy always has the latest features and capability.

When its time to recalibrate, Contact our sales department to receive  an RMA number, and return your Heat Spy to us at your convenience.  We will recalibrate and update your imager, if necessary.  You pay only shipping and handling charges.

*Offer valid for z50 or a50 series Heat Spy Imagers sold on or after July 16, 2012.  Offer is not retroactive.  Shipping and handling charges are not included.  International customers are required to pay international shipping license fee if applicable.  Intentional damage is not covered.

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