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50 Series Inspector
70 Series Chief Inspector
Frame Rate
Resolution/Pixel Size
384 x 288
Spectral Range
Thermal Sensitivity
0.06°C @ 30°C
LCD Display
Visible Camera
1.3 Megapixel CLOSE Sensor
Field of View
25° x 19°
Focus Range
Spatial Resolution
1.37 mrad
UPGRADE Wide Angle Lens
Not Available
UPGRADE Telephoto Lens
Not Available
Measurement Range
Low / High Temperature Switchable: -4° to 356°F (-20° to 180°C) OR 212° to 1112°F (100° to 600°C)
UPGRADE to High Temperature
Not Available
Measurement Accuracy
Image Control
11 Color Palettes: Ironbow; Negative Grayscale; Positive Grayscale; Amber; Hot Metal; Cool Metal; Rainbow Green-Red; Rainbow Blue-Red; Rainbow Black-White; High Contrast Blue-Yellow; High Contrast Violet-White
Image Adjustment
Measurement Mode
Spots, Areas, Lines, Isotherms, Delta T
# of Measurement Spots
# of Measurement Areas
# of Measurement Lines
1 Vertical, 1 Horizontal
T Reflect
T Correct
Manual Adjustment
Digital Zoom
2x or 4x
Thermal/Visible Image
Toggle Between Thermal & Digital
High Temperature Audible and Visible Alarm; Isotherm Visible Alarm
High and Low Temperature Audible and Visible Alarm; Isotherm Visible Alarm
Temperature Scale
User Settings
Emissivity Range
Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.00 with Built-In Emissivity Table
Removable Storage
2 GB SD Card / Time Stamped
Storage Mode
Manual Single Image Save or Programmable Auto Save to SD Card
File Format (Thermal)
JPEG plus Temperature in 14 bit data
File Format (Visible)
File Size
100K Typical Value
Voice Annotation
Maximum 45 seconds per image
Laser Pointer
Report Analysis Software
Video Output
Freeze Frame / Save Image
Freeze Frame and Save Image, Thermal and/or Visible to SD Card
Ambient Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
IP Rating
Operating Time
2 Batteries provide ≥ 4 plus hours of operation
Power Save Mode
Charging System
Weight (w/o Battery)
Software Compatibility
Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 7
Included Accessories
Optional Accessories
Shock Test
Vibration Test
Immunity Tests
Emmission Limits
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