Kiosk Measures Temperature, Checks for Face Mask and more

Our new temperature screening kiosk with access control is now available.This temperature screening kiosk also includes time clock functionality for an all-in-one access control solution for any location seeking to minimize risk to its employees.

Temperature Screening Kiosk supports multiple authentication options. Enable each individually or in combinations to allow access to a facility. Options include:


  • Screen for Elevated Body Temperature
  • Facial Recognition
  • Face Mask Wearing Alert: Check if the person has on a face mask and issue an audio reminder if not
  • Forced Mask Wearing Alert: Require a face mask to be worn
  • Require an Access Card

Using infrared temperature technology, the vanadium oxide sensor can detect a face and take a skin temperature in fast temperature measurement mode.  Skin temperatures above the prescribed range are interpreted as a fever, requiring further medical testing before allowing access to the facility. 

The facial recognition feature can be enabled to identify up to 50,000 faces; time for facial recognition is less than 0.02 seconds with an accuracy rate of greater than 99%. This terminal includes support for up to 50,000 access cards. In public settings use only temperature and/or face mask wearing settings to allow or deny access to visitors.

Transmit information to the included client software via TCP/IP for data storage. A security guard or receptionist can monitor the kiosk remotely from a tablet (sold separately) for an additional layer of remote screening and access control.

Temperature Kiosk
Monitoring Tablet

Kiosk connects to an external access controller via Wiegand protocol, or to a secure door control unit via RS-485 connection. Comes with wall mounting hardware; floor stand for temporary installations is sold separately. Connect with a standard wired Ethernet connection. Unit is approximately 11 inches high and 4.5 inches wide with a 7 inch touchscreen, and is for indoor use only.

Floor Stand