Handheld Single Point Infrareds

From our economy line to our specialty models, Wahl Heat Spy offers the handheld temperature measurement solution for your application

Infrared Calibration

Blackbody calibration sources to calibrate and verify thermal imaging cameras, handheld infrared guns, and fixed infrared sensors.

Infrared Calibrations

Have your new or existing infrared device properly calibrated

Find Elevated Skin Temperature

Fever Alert Systems detect elevated skin temperatures that may indicate fever. 

Permanent and temporary installation options available.

Fixed Point Infrared

Fixed Infrared Sensors – R40 & R60 Series Now Available

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

We offer Thermal Imaging Cameras, Economy and High Performance Handheld Infrared Thermometers, and Fixed Infrared Sensors for a full range of non-contact temperature measurement solutions.

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Thermal Imaging
HSI250 Back View Screen
Handheld Infrared Guns
Fixed Infrared Sensors

Fever Alert


Infrared Calibration

Calibration Services

Calibration Process