Handheld Single Point Infrareds

From our economy line to our specialty models, Wahl Heat Spy offers the handheld temperature measurement solution for your application

Blackbodies for On-Site Calibration

Blackbody calibration sources to calibrate and verify thermal imaging cameras, handheld infrared guns, and fixed infrared sensors.

Fixed Point Infrared Sensors

High Accuracy Non-Contact Infrared Sensors for a Wide Variety of Industrial Applications

Infrared Calibrations

Easily Return your Heat Spy for Standard or NIST Traceable Calibration

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

We offer Thermal Imaging Cameras, Economy and High Performance Handheld Infrared Thermometers, and Fixed Infrared Sensors for a full range of non-contact temperature measurement solutions.

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Thermal Imaging
HSI250 Back View Screen
Handheld Infrared Guns
Fixed Infrared Sensors

Blackbody Calibrators

Calibration Services

Calibration Process