About Palmer Wahl

Palmer Wahl Instruments, Inc. offers product selection, support, and calibration of temperature and pressure instruments for industrial applications. Our products include digital RTD & TC thermometers, custom engineered temperature sensors, infrared thermometers, temperature calibrators, bimetal, dial, industrial and laboratory thermometers, thermowells, pressure gauges, temperature recording labels, chart recorders, and handheld RTD & TC meters.

As manufacturers, we provide certified, traceable calibration data which meets ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Where required, instruments are thoroughly tested with customer requested configuration and/or calibration, traceable to NIST.

“Beyond the Scale” represents our commitment to provide expert industry application knowledge, innovative engineered designs, and support to provide superior temperature and pressure measurement solutions with an eye towards the future.

Palmer Instruments was founded in 1836, originally as the James Foster, Jr. company in Cincinnati, OH.  The company changed its name to Palmer Instruments, Inc. in 1872.  In 1929 Palmer Instruments patents the first Red-Reading Mercury thermometer, significantly improving the legibility of mercury thermometers.

Wahl Instrument was founded in 1953 by aerospace engineer William Wahl in Culver City, CA.  In 1967, Wahl releases the first handheld portable infrared thermometer:

FIRST in Portable Infrared

In 1967 The FIRST portable digital, non-contact infrared thermometer is introduced by Wahl, and is featured in the Nov 1967 issue of Popular Science magazine. The Wahl Heat Spy® thermometers accurately detect surface temperatures at a distance.

Palmer Instruments relocated to Asheville, NC in 1987, and acquired Wahl Instruments in 1997 – bringing both companies together under one roof.



Our first Thermal Imaging camera series was released in 2006.





 Our second series debuted in 2011.