NIST Calibration

Calibration with Data for NIST Traceablility is offered for all of our handheld infrared and fixed infrared units. When you order NIST calibration for one of our infrared instruments, we record important data about your instrument under a unique test number as we perform the calibration. Your NIST Calibration certificate will contain details on the standard instruments used to perform the calibration in our laboratory, as well as “As received” and “As left” test data, with any out of tolerance conditions noted.  The instrument itself will be marked with a NIST Traceable Calibration Label stating the name of the technician performing the calibration, the date the calibration was performed, the suggested date for the next calibration, and the unique test number shown on on the Calibration Data Sheet.

Sample NIST Certificate

This is a sample of a typical NIST Calibration certificate for one of our infrared products. Click to enlarge.


Many quality systems require that instruments are calibrated with NIST traceability on a prescribed interval – usually once a year. Palmer Wahl provides recalibration services from our factory in Asheville, NC, USA.  To begin the recalibration process, please complete and submit an RMA Request.  Under the question “Why are you returning the unit(s)?” please specify that you are returning your units for NIST or standard recalibration.  We will process your request and send you a unique RMA number, along with instructions for returning your instrument.