Are you using an infrared thermometer to check your employees or customers for fever?

You’re doing everything you can to protect the people in your facility during re-opening.  You’re using a non-contact thermometer to check for elevated skin temperatures.  But taking temperatures doesn’t help if your thermometer isn’t accurate.

With our new skin temperature calibration service, we can provide skin temperature calibration for any manufacturer’s handheld single point infrared or thermal imaging unit.  Once received, we will perform the calibration in our specially equipped lab with NIST traceable equipment. 

Single point infrared skin temperature calibration using NIST Traceable Transfer Standard, right, and blackbody heat source, center, in our calibration lab.

When we perform the calibration:

  1.  Any temperature offset needed will be labeled on your unit. 
  2. We will set emissivity* that adjusts temperature reading as close as possible to a fever
  3. We will set temperature alarms* for fever detection temperatures.

*Only on models with settable emissivity and/or temperature alarm functionality

You’ll receive a certificate noting all of the relevant settings, and your unit will be labeled with the info you need to make sure you get correct temperature readings.

Buy Online – we’ll contact you with instructions to return your existing unit for calibration and get your infrared back to you ASAP.