Infrared or Thermal Imager Calibration at Skin Temperatures

Infrared or Thermal Imager Calibration at Skin Temperatures


Have your new or existing infrared device properly calibrated to detect elevated skin temperature – a potential indicator of fever.

This special calibration service provides the data needed to fine tune your infrared device reading to measure skin temperatures more accurately. We will check the calibration of your selected infrared instrument for the proper settings for measuring skin temperatures using our NIST traceable equipment in our calibration lab.

You will receive a calibration certificate showing any temperature offset required based on the error of the instrument - this is the difference in temperature between the reading on your instrument and the calibrated standard. We will set the unit's emissivity to the correct setting for skin temperature measurement (unless the instrument has fixed emissivity), and set the built-in alarm to alert for potential fever temperature (if available on your unit). Your device will be labeled so that the correct settings for screening skin temperatures are always close at hand.

This calibration can be added as an option to any of our handheld infrared thermometers or Wahl thermal imaging cameras.

If purchasing this calibration for a unit you already own, please complete our RMA Request to receive an RMA number before returning your instrument for calibration.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 0.25 × 9.5 in
Calibration Data

Relevant calibration data for measuring skin temperatures is included on the certificate and the label.